Create a society where young people value
 human dignity. 

Young people today are starving for the truth, they are leaving the faith, and they still believe that abortion is healthcare. As our culture glorifies lifestyles lacking in virtue, you can help change the trajectory of the next generation with a donation today. 

By ensuring young people have a firm foundation in their understanding of human dignity and the value of virtue is upheld, you will target the demand side of abortion and counter the culture of death. 

Your gift today will ensure that students have a bold witness in the classroom that provides clarity where there is confusion and resistance to the faith. As the battle against the culture of death rages on, you possess the most potent weapon: a virtuous witness!

Help us reach our Spring Campaign goal of $200,000 by March 22nd. Your generosity will equip young people to stay in the faith, empower them to choose life, and transform the culture. 

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Your gift today will spread truth, defeat lies, and restore the culture.

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